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Keep your hands warm and still look good . . .

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Tireman Lined (297)

This goatskin glove holds its shape extremely well because of its design and materials. The fleece lining offers a soft, warm feel while getting the job done. Made in USA.

Our Price: $55.00
Tireman Lined

Sierra (397)

The Sierra Deerskin Glove was designed for cold weather protection. The fleece lining gives you maximum protection, and provides your hands the flexibility you need. Made in USA.

Our Price: $55.00

Summit (857)

Deerskin, fleece lined glove with wrist strap closure.Stock only on size x-small, medium and large in black.

Our Price: $55.00

The Classic Lined Glove (860DT)

The Classic Lined glove is for riding a motorcycle, Medieval jousting tournaments or to compliment that special outfit. Lined with warm fleece. Made in USA.

Our Price: $79.00
The Classic Lined Glove

Buffalo Gauntlet (960BF)

Black, durable buffalo skin gauntlet glove.  Very abrasion resistant.  Made in USA.

Our Price: $83.00
Buffalo Gauntlet

Rocky Mountain Elk Lined (997)

The Rockie Mountain Elk glove is one of few gloves made from Elkskin on the market.  Lined with warm, comfortable fleece.  Made in USA.

Our Price: $63.00
Rocky Mountain Elk Lined

The Buffalo Lined Glove (997BF)

The Buffalo Lined glove is one of our newest gloves and most durable gloves. Buffalo offers the thickness and protection you need without giving up the comfort you require.  Made in USA.

Our Price: $68.00
The Buffalo Lined Glove

Elk Mitten (Mitten)

Elk mitten with fleece lining.  Great work glove, with lots of warmth!

Our Price: $75.00
Elk Mitten